Information About Garage Door Parts That Poses

Information About Garage Door Parts That Poses

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A garage door is composed of thousand of parts. In all these parts, there are a few of them which pose real threat of causing injuries which are unimaginable. To stay safe garage door service should be conducted routinely to make sure that these parts are in good condition. Where these parts are damaged garage door repair should be conducted immediately to eliminate the threat which otherwise if unchecked serious threats will be seen. These are the parts that need full attention, to make sure that there is safety in garage door operation in Morrow and other destinations.

Garage door corner brackets

Information About Garage Door Parts That Poses Threat When DamagedThese are parts which are attached to the lower left and right corners in any garage door. Garage door cables that lift the garage door are attached to these brackets. Threat arises when these brackets becomes lose. Where the brackets are not firmly attached the cable may snap without issuing a warning. Since the cable is under extension, when it snaps it strikes anything in its path with a great force. If anyone is close to it fatal injuries may be sustained. To stay safe, always tighten the brackets when lose. Incase they are damage seek the service of an expert.

Garage door extension spring

Garage door extension springs are balanced by either torsion or another extension spring. The springs are attached to tracks. Their job is to provide lifting force when the door is rolled upwards. Due to rolling up and down, these springs may become worn out. In this case they may snap causing the garage door to suddenly collapse down. If anything is underneath, definitely due to weight of garage door it will be crashed. To maintain safety, avoid placing your feet underneath the garage door. Where there is broken spring it should be replaced immediately.

Garage door bearings and rollers

The garage door bearing and rollers inflict injuries when people place their hands and fingers in their path when garage door is in motion. The result of this is that the fingers or the hands end up getting crashed. To avoid these injuries avoid placing your hands and fingers in the path of the rollers and bearings.

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