Amarr Specialty Garage Doors

Amarr Specialty Garage Doors

Amarr garage doors in MorrowThere is a reason why Amarr Specialty garage doors bear that name. They are really great choices whether one is interested in high aesthetics, enhanced durability, or low maintenance. Amarr is a specialist in garage door construction and has patented innovative solutions for the reinforced safety of people. The basic characteristic of Amarr doors is their safe guard system, which protects people from injuring their hands and fingers. The Amarr Specialty garage doors include the Vista and Coastal lines.

The Amarr Vista Collection Combines Class With Durability 

These garage doors are made of glass and retain strong aluminum frames. The glass panels are tempered and range from being totally clear to milky glass solutions. There are actually 24 different colors and the doors are constructed up to 24' large. In addition, possess wind load reinforcement if the client lives in hurricane-prone areas, five years warranty, are low maintenance but cannot be insulated.

For stronger and highly resistant solutions, the Amarr Specialty garage doors also introduce the Coastal line. They are covered with vinyl and have vinyl edges for higher resistance against elements and resilience against rust. Furthermore, vinyl Amarr Coastal doors are also resistant to dents, cracks, and rotting and, therefore, are an exceptional solution for high durability. People can choose from a plethora of designs in either traditional upward opening or carriage house styles. Amarr can have these doors custom made so customers can make their own combinations for their convenience.

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