Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door RepairThere is a need for garage door repair whenever there is evident physical damage to one or more parts of the system or when the door is malfunctioning. Each and every part of the system may get damaged or start to malfunction. The list includes the panels, hardware, opener, accessories and even the weather seals. The most common problems affecting the different parts of the system include wear and tear, rust and corrosion and breaking.

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The repair work begins with identifying the problem and its cause. After this, the most effective solution is implemented. In some cases, the repair involves adjustment such as adjustment of the opener's travel limits. In case of rusty hardware, the affected parts are thoroughly cleaned and then lubricated. Some issues such as decayed wood panels involve more extensive and complex repair work. When the parts of the system are damaged beyond repair, they have to be replaced. This is the case with broken springs, cables, rollers and hinges.


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